Kentmere 400

A lower grain, lower contrast black and white choice, for a cheaper price than Ilford or Kodak options. This film is perfect to experiment with and responds well to varied lighting conditions. Often overlooked by it’s big brothers from Ilford, it’s definitely worth a try for both the experienced and newbies of black and white photography

My review of Kentmere 400
Photos I’ve taken using Kentmere 400


Ilford HP5+

A grainy, higher contrast, black and white legend from Ilford. The perfect ‘film look’ stock for any photographer wanting to try out the world of film, and black and white. It’s more than earned it’s reputation as a film capable of giving you some great results, easily stepping toe to toe with Kodak Tri-X, but offering a completely different tone.

My review of Ilford HP5+
Photos I’ve taken using Ilford HP5+